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President - Mr. Trevor Lord

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Secretary - Stuart Walsh

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The third’/Fourth place playoff was a tense affair.  Neither side wanted the dreaded ‘Wooden Spoon’; and for most of the game it looked as if Area ‘D’ would be the proud recipients.  At the halfway stage they were down by 23 shots, 62-85.  The tide changed however when two Area ‘D’ rinks picked up 5 and 6 shots respectively which ensured that with the final score Area ‘D’ 161 - Area ‘B’ 155, the honour of receiving the much maligned trophy fell to David Schofield the Area ‘B’ Secretary, his team losing by 6 shots overall. He is pictured below brandishing the spoon alongside County President John White.


In glorious bowling weather  the Final proved to be a one-sided affair.


Almost from the start Area ‘C’ dominated on most  rinks, laying a foundation which ensured they would not be caught.  

Some rinks saw a spirited fight back from Area ‘A’, but it was never going to be  enough to cause an upset..

Pictured  from the top:

A general view of the game around the 25th end.

The winning Area ‘C’ team

The presentation of the Trophy.

The infamous  Wooden Spoon

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